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    Site Maps

    Hi, I have created a sitemap.xml file and simply placed this on the server. Will this still be crawled by the search engines or should I create a html file with the information contained within it.

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    Chances are, they will find it but you should register it nonetheless. And for kicks you can provide an XML to HTML XSLT stylesheet so it presents well and like the rest of your site in a browser.
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    Site maps makes web site search engine friendly...

    Sitemaps allow the search engine crawlers to crawl websites more efficiently. This is beneficial to anyone with a website!It is a way of telling your search engines in which direction you want it to go and where exactly you want it to visit. Creating and submitting a Sitemap facilitates to make your website even more spiderable, and ensures that the search engines know about all the individual web pages on your website.

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    Sometimes websites have so much information available that it becomes difficult for visitors to get to all the information. There are many tools available in such a situation, including a site map.So if your website would benefit from a site map, go through and organize your pages (if necessary) and create one soon. The sooner, the better.

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