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Thread: local links from an intranet site

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    local links from an intranet site

    I've realised that if i do a hyperlink on my intranet site of the form <a href="\\server2\docs\"> then i very handily get the windows explorer listing of that directory.

    However, since it's running through a web server, if i try to do anything like right click, or open a document, then i get a warning saying "Running a system command on this item may be unsafe - do you want to continue?"

    Does anyone know if i can turn this off under security settings? Obvioulsy since it's an intranet i have access to all the computers that will run on it, so i would like to be able to disable that setting in IE for the intranet zone. Is it possible, or is it almost so dangerous that they've never considered letting you bypass the warning!?

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    I've got it - you have to turn the security settings right down for the intranet zone, if anyone's interested!

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