basicly I am using this code:
function trigerFlashSearch (pojam,kategorija){
Engine works fine, but a php query has a search2.php that has many lines of coe that work OK except this one
PHP Code:
$sql="SELECT  * FROM $blabla WHERE nazivklipa LIKE '%" $blabla .  "%' ORDER BY id DESC" 
$resultq=mysql_query($sql)or die(mysql_error());
        while (
//I am doing somthing
//there is no data

Now loading works OK until case of Else and the only browser that has this problem is IE. I think that can be only two things. I haven't written a load function correctly or that Jquery cant support thah complex engine??? which I think is stupid. A php code works perfect when loaded outside a jqury. I am really in a hurry and I am not looking for a salvation. Has anybody got one?