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Thread: Mysql to sqlite

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    Mysql to sqlite

    I want to change mysql database to sqlite because I want to make portable version. I am searching in google and most of the converter are using perl. Can I change with exe or python or php ? I don't have perl and I don't want to install another programming language in my Windows

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    I know you can use PHP since it has both MySQL and SQLite extensions, and I would be surprised if Python could not do it just as easily. However, I do not off-hand know of any ready-made scripts, but then I've never yet had reason to look for one or write my own.

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    Ya... I can use sqlite in PHP. My project is using mysql and I want to make with sqlite for portable version. So, I need to convert mysql database to sqlite .db file. I have a problem, sqlite can't import from mysqldump. So, I am seeking mysql to sqlite converter.

    sqlite can import csv but I have a many tables in mysql. I can't choice this way.

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