Hello there,

I have a simple question (I guess). On a page (www.withsense.nl/concept) I am working with multiple php pages. The first one (index.php) shows the front page with a particular background) The menu on the left side opens another page (page.php) which shows another page with a somewhat different background. On the page.php I load other pages in a div, no problem also. But.. and here comes the question. On the bottom of the page I show a movie in a div. I want that div to be closed when i click a certain menu option. So with all menu options I'd like to show the div and load content in another div and with one option i'd like to close the div and load content in another div. I have found some scripts to do that. Individual scripts. Now when I click a hyperlink (in the menu) I'd like to run two javascripts (and here lies the problem for me..) but I don't know the syntax for that... What i now have is :

<script type="text/javascript">
ajaxpage('content.php?id=8', 'showroom');

but this gives an error. You check all of the above on www.withsense.nl/concept .

It would be super if someone can help me?

Kind regards,