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Thread: Error: Access is denied.

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    Unhappy Error: Access is denied.

    I have the following Javascript that was running on one computer but now I can't get it running on my new computer.

    function checkForActiveServer(serverAddress) {
    var http = getXMLHttpRequest();
    myRand = parseInt(Math.random()*999999999999999);
    workURL = "http://"+serverAddress+"TAM1010_Offline_AJAX_Process.php";
    workURL = workURL + "?database=" + $("database").value + "&rand=" + myRand;
    http.onreadystatechange = function() {buildServerResponse(http);};
    http.open("GET", workURL, true);
    if ($("activecondition").value == "ACTIVE") {
    $("TAM1010U").action = "http://"+$("serveraddress").value+"OTA_Clock_Processing.php";
    alert ("Server is back ONLINE. Press OK to continue.");

    It is failing on the http.open("GET"..... line with Access is denied as the error. I thought there was a setting under Internet Options Security that allowed me to do this.

    Running IE 7.0 on local Apache server. The http.open is going to an Internet URL from the local page.

    Can someone help?

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    Ajax can not make calls to a different domain for security reasons. If you were running FF3.5 or IE8, you cna do it.

    If you had it running before, you probably were running with lowered security settings.

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    I was running on IE6 and I did change the security settings. I am not on IE7 and I'm trying to change the security settings but it isn't working this time. Does anyone know if I can change the settings as in IE6? OR does anyone have other suggestions on testing another server to see if it is online?

    The application is if the server is online it transfers to the server. If the server is not online it runs locally.

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    Okay, I downloaded IE8 and it's almost there. I'm now trying to transfer from localhost to Internet host. Can I do that?

    In other words the process above is in a local file "OTA_offline_driver.php" and when the server is up it is supposed to go to "http://www.domain.com". It is looping on the offline driver. Is there something stopping it from going to the Internet address?

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