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Thread: replace characters by regExp with exclude

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    replace characters by regExp with exclude

    How can I match first letters and also if the letter is precedded by period, comma or colon (even with no space between), but not if the letter is preceded by a quote or dubble quote.

    Lookbehind is not supported by JavaScript. (tried /\b(?<!\'|\")[\w]/g with syntax error). Any replacement method?

    Ex: abcd e'fgh hj"kl mno.p q:rst uv,wx
    The match should be a,e,h,m,p,q,q,r,u,w (excluding f,k)

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    String.prototype.firstLetters= function(){
        var m=this.match(/^[^a-zA-Z]*(([a-zA-Z])|[\. ,:]([a-zA-Z]))/g
        return m.slice(1);
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    Thx for reply.
    What if I want to replace these matched letters with space? Can I use string.replace on this?

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    your pattern seems not to work. I pasted it on http://www.gskinner.com/RegExr/ and only the first letter of the string is matched.

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