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Thread: The Nitty Gritty Details

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    The Nitty Gritty Details

    I'm working on a site that's in very early stages of development.. as in it was started about 4 days ago and it seems like I can't get anything right. I've spent more time on the eye-candy (header, nav bar, content layout, etc.) than the content itself.

    So, my question is - Does anyone else have this problem from time to time? Or does detail and how to bring it together begin to come natural as you become more experienced?

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    I'm not sure I would classify your nav bar and content layout as "eye candy". In fact, it's often advisable to "wireframe" the site before any content is ever added. For a basic definition of the term:
    In my business, creating a wireframe of the site is the second step (after site specs are set and put in writing) of creating a Web site.
    Does it get easier? Yes, because you can build on experience and code snippets you already have.
    Do you have a Site Spec worksheet that you and your client complete first? This should list by name every page in the site and also describe the nav links required for all pages on the site. I first used a set of contract worksheets from:
    These FORMS (the documents comprising the Professional Web Business Tools package) are owned by Patricia J. Ayers-WebDevBiz.com (LICENSOR)
    Using these helped me develop my own spec sheet... but here's a sample... see attached.
    But with proper planning the design phase can be a lot easier.
    Best of luck to you on your project!
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    Thank you for the information and the forms. I'll be sure to check those out as soon as possible.

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