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Thread: matching characters regExp positive lookahead

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    matching characters regExp positive lookahead

    Does JavaScript support positive lookahead?
    I want to match every charater except html tags.
    I found that /(?<=^|>)[^><]+?(?=<|$)/g do the job in http://gskinner.com/RegExr/ but i got sytax error on my javaScript editor.
    What is the alternative solution to match all characters but html-tags?

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    The expression is a mix of lookabehind and lookahead (?<= is positiv lookabehind and ?= is positive lookahead) and the answer is no. JavaScript does not support positiv/negative lookabehind.

    I experience a very slow navigation throught this site. What can be the problem?
    A very slow server? or i need to disable/enable something in my browser?


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