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Thread: Perl script to process PayPal "Website Payments Standard"

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    Perl script to process PayPal "Website Payments Standard"

    Can anybody share a Perl script to process PayPal "Website Payments Standard"
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    You need to use one of the paypal APIs, there are a number listed on CPAN but I have never used any of them and I don't want to figure it out.

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    As far as my quick CPAN search goes, there's pretty much just Business::PayPal module. Try to explore it.

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    Yea, Business::PayPal is the main class for all or nearly all of the paypal sub classes, of which there are a number. But a person can use the sandbox to mess around with APIs and the paypal website to get things right before going live. Its really not for a beginner s though and maybe even intermediate perl programmers will find it difficult at first. Might be best to hire a person already well familiar with how to set it all up if he/she really wants to use perl.

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