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Thread: Noob needs advice

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    Noob needs advice

    Hey all
    I`m a newbie to web developing, and any sort of programming, but i am pretty good with computers.I`m doing a IT course in college, and have been thinking what i`d like to do afterwards, and so i was hoping you could give me some advic,e regarding web developing.
    I would like to give it ago, to see what i am like and what i think of it, and so what`s the easiest language to developer in/package to use?
    Java seems to be really popular, but is it to hard? also what`s dreamweaver like?
    And one last thing, what qualities does a web developer need?


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    Learn HTML and CSS.

    When you have those down pat (i.e., when you can produce pages that are valid HML and CSS, as determined by the W3C validators (http://validator.w3.org)), look at enhancements such as CGI (CGI programs can be written in any language the server supports; I use Unix shell scripts), JavaScript, PHP.

    The only software you need is a good text editor (I recommend emacs).

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