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Thread: Website Not Working In All Browsers

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    Website Not Working In All Browsers


    I downloaded a free template from justdreamweaver.com and I've been using it to build a site. I uploaded the site to my host today via FTP, and it doesn't work. When using IE8 on my computer, the site works as it should, but using Firefox 3.5.2 it doesn't work. All that shows is text and links...none of the template shows. It works fine when using IETab inside Firefox, though. Other people have reported it not working in Firefox, IE, and Safari (I don't know which versions).

    This is a link to my site:

    I've never really built an entire site before (and this doesn't count, either, since I used a template), so I have no idea what I'm doing. I'm capable of following instructions and learning, though, so if you could tell me how to fix it, or link me to some information that would help me figure it out, I'd greatly appreciate it.


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    Here's your stylesheet reference:
    @import url("file:///C|/Users/Charles Koshy/Downloads/styles.css");
    Hopefully it's obvious at this point, but if your stylesheet is on your C: drive, practically nobody, except for you, can see it...


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