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Thread: Interactive Map - adding functionality

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    Interactive Map - adding functionality


    I'm hoping to create an interactive map with Adobe Flash (similar to the map on http://www.findaconferencevenue.com/ where you hover over each county and it changes colour). I know how to do this as there are many videos on youtube showing you how to do it. However, i want to enable this map to navigate someone through our website. At the moment i have a drop-down menu with all of the 32 counties. The user selects "Dublin" and presses submit. All of the Dublin data from a MySQL database is being called onto a new page via php programming. However, instead of the drop-down menu, i want to have an interactive flash map. Can anyone please advise me on how to add such functionality to an flash map.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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    Don't know how right off but you might check some of the Flash/PHP tuts over at:

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    We've developed a couple products that sounds very similar to what you are going for. Check out our website at www.cartametrix.com, and drop us a line if you'd like some assistance.

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    There are few mapping software which provides US county maps, not sure if that's what you need. You can check this article at:


    And also an US map with drill-down function at:

    One note -- Flash cannot read directly from MySQL database. You would need to export the data from MYSQL into XML file first, for the flash map to read the data.

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