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Thread: Compulsary check in Checkboxes validation

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    Unhappy Compulsary check in Checkboxes validation

    Hi there everyone,

    Just a strange question really. On my website we have a series of rules that you must agree to in order to register on the site.

    Unfortunately most users ignore this and click the submit button at the bottom to proceed further.

    Can someone help me write a bit of code where the Submit button is liked greyed out until all the boxes are ticked, or, when someone clicks the box it does some validation to check all the boxes and if not filled in properly, informs the user in a pup-up box.

    Sorry about this, but its getting to me a bit.....

    This is the page in question: {{click here}}



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    This could be done, however, I would not rely on it because users can disable JavaScript and get past this validation; therefore, you should always have the server process form requests.

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