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Thread: DOCTYPE - Which one is best?

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    DOCTYPE - Which one is best?

    I'm a bit confused about doctypes. There are many from which I can choose, but which is better? Is one better for certain purposes, and another for others?

    I am a 1.0 Transitional person. This seems to be easy enough to work with, but still enforces proper coding techniques which other seem to accept.

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    You want to use the one that describes the type of HTML or XHTML that you are using--and the type that you are using will depend upon what it is that you are doing. Strictly speaking, we were supposed to stop using the transitionals sometime back in the last century. XHTML isn't as universally acceptable as HTML so on the internet go with HTML 4.01 Strict. For local use I've been using XHTML 1.0 Strict.
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