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Thread: Domain setup on my vestacp

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    Domain setup on my vestacp

    I bought domain from onlydomains.com and bought vps from digitalocean. I'm using vestacp as my web panel. Ayone can help me how to pin pont domain that i bought to my vestacp panel?


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    All what you need to do is to change the DNS to your domain (I am not sure if DigitalOcean has DNS panel, if not, you can configure on your server).

    Ask DO if they have DNS management for your vps, if not you need to create dns servers your self where you will need to create records for ns1 and ns2 in your server, then register new DNS servers within onlydomains.com and after you need to change domain names DNS servers to what you have created (ns1 and ns2).

    One of the easiest way would be to use cloudflare, I presume, where they would have better ability and better redundancy for your domain.

    If you need more help, please let me know.

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