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Thread: Need some ideas or a point in the right direction

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    Need some ideas or a point in the right direction

    Hi there,

    I've got myself a little dilemma, i am building a mini wysiwyg editor which is used to create a letter and then convert it into a PDF to be printed.

    I am using tinymce for my richtext editor and this is embedded into my textareas. The textareas are dynamic and a user can add extra textareas with a click of a button.

    These textarea values need to be constantly saved in the database (it does not do this at the moment), instead it I am saving them in the database when ever the form which these textareas sit in gets submitted. This form includes the method of adding new textareas and also a delete button. At the moment I am reading the POST values of the new textarea title (each textarea has a title attached to it) to be able to determine if its the user wanted to delete a textarea or add a new one.

    As you can tell its very mess at the moment, so could anyone suggest any bright ideas upon me to improve it.

    I've read up a bit on Ajax but not really sure if it could solve the problem, if thats the case please refer me to some examples or tutorials.

    Thanks in advance,

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    why would you want to have the values submit to the database constantly?

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    Jerico, I think he is looking to "Auto Save" the document at regular intervals.

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