I have 3 javascripts running the form for the 'Labrador Retriever' section of the following page: BTW, the forms pass to a shopping cart. All forms work GREAT in this example:


Here's where the trouble starts I want to apply these same JS to another 19 'breeds' of dogs with the same form features on this same page:

Here's my failed attempt at trying to add another breed (terrier) with the same features of the first, all while trying to pass FULL info to the cart - price, options and price-adjusting options.


The 3 Javascripts are as follows...I'm not a scripter, obviously, been working at this for a few days and have some great help, but need the functoinality described. Thanks for any clues? LS

<script Language="JavaScript">
function confirm_p1()

// Check to see if the dropdown value is is the first choice
if (the_form.p1.selectedIndex == 0)

// If the first choice is selected display an alert box
// stating the first choice is not a valid selection
alert("Please Select a Design");

// Focus on the dropdown menu after OK is clicked from the alert box
return (false);
// A choice other than the first was selected
// cotinue processing the form request
return (true);

<script type="text/javascript">

var Labrador = [
'Design #1|http://www.familycarstickers.us/deca...bradorret1.gif',
'Design #2|http://www.familycarstickers.us/deca...bradorret2.gif',
'Design #3|http://www.familycarstickers.us/deca...bradorret3.gif' // NOTE: no comma after last entry

var YorkshireTerrier = [
'Design #4|http://www.familycarstickers.us/deca...s/terrier1.gif',
'Design #5|http://www.familycarstickers.us/deca...s/terrier2.gif',
'Design #6|http://www.familycarstickers.us/deca...s/terrier3.gif'

var GermanShepherd = [
'Design #7|http://www.familycarstickers.us/deca...nShepherd1.gif',
'Design #8|http://www.familycarstickers.us/deca...nShepherd2.gif',
'Design #9|http://www.familycarstickers.us/deca...nShepherd3.gif'

var Beagle = [
'Design #13|http://www.familycarstickers.us/decalimages/beagle1.gif',
'Design #14|http://www.familycarstickers.us/decalimages/beagle2.gif',
'Desing #15|http://www.familycarstickers.us/decalimages/beagle3.gif'

function Populate(IDS,Arr) {
var f=document.getElementById(IDS);
for (i=0; i<Arr.length; i++) {
tmp = Arr[i].split('|');
document.getElementById(IDS).options[i]=new Option(tmp[0], tmp[0]);

function selectForm(obj) {
var IDS = obj.id;
var divIDS = obj.selectedIndex;
// document.getElementById('test').innerHTML = IDS+' | '+divIDS; // for testing purposes only
document.getElementById('img'+IDS).src = window[IDS][divIDS].split('|')[1];


<script language="JavaScript"
function showHideTextfield(selIndex,frm){
for (var i=3;i<=3;i++){