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Thread: File change notification every time I write to a network drive

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    File change notification every time I write to a network drive


    I have a relatively common problem, but I don't seem to identify it's source.
    I have a SAMBA server on my LAN to which there are mapped a few shares as network drives in windows xp (as Y and mounted as CIFS in linux [as /y].

    The problem is that every time I save a file [either windows xp or linux] on the mapped drive / mounted folder, our IDEs alert us that the file changes right after the save.

    I am running SAMBA 3.3.2.

    Does anyone please have any idea ?

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    I found out what the problem was. The clocks of the 2 systems were out of sync. It turns out that the ntpd service wasn't enabled on neither systems.
    [considering both the client and server running Linux - Fedora 11]

    I synchronised the clocks, enabled and started the ntpd service and the problem seems to be fixed.

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