Hi All,

I am new to xml and my issue is related to an RSS feed that I am passing in an xml file.
This RSS feed outputs the data in each line.I have two fields and the data for these fields needs to be displayed in the form of a table.
The issue that I have is that I cannot figure out how to create table with these two fields and append the data to this table.

If I use any of the typical html tags (for example <table>)in there to create the new table it does not work. And I am not sure what xml tags I should use to achieve this.

The code template for the xml fed to RSS feed is as follows:

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<rss version="2.0">
<title>title text </title>
<link>link text</link>
<description> Description Text</description>
<link>Report Link</link>
<![CDATA[<p> Line:<%= sy-tabix %><br>
Mfg Operation:<%= table-field1%><br>
Mat.Doc :<%= table-field2 %><br></p>]]>
(This displays the data as a text in two lines and I want it in table format)

I really appreciate any help in resolving this .
Raptor .