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Thread: How embed swf & flv

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    Smile How embed swf & flv

    Imported 350mb xx.flv to CS4 for export to xx.swf with play controllers did not produce only one file (xx.swf) as expected but 2 small files (51 kb xx.swf) and (10 kb SkinUnderAll.swf). Is there any genius who knows piece of HTML code to embed all those three files to stream the flv WITH the play controls produced by CS4? Best thanks in advance.

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    Good news, you don't actually need to load all 3 files. The xx.swf file should load the skinUnderAll.swf and if you're using the default flash video player component inside flash and are able to see the movie playing, the flv will automatically be loaded too. So really you just need to load up the one file At least I think... if you open the swf locally does it load up and start playing the file?

    If so you can use swfObject to embed the swf in the html. You could also just enable html export in flash's export settings too. Which might lead you to think, "Whoa that's easy why not just do that in the first place?" The disadvantage is that if you use flash's html export, you can't program a variable to load a particular video and you end up making 50 pages for 50 videos- total pain.

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    infinityspiral: Thank you very much for your response. your idea sounds interesting. Great thanks for any help.

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