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Thread: What should I do in this case? Form>HTML solution needed

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    What should I do in this case? Form>HTML solution needed

    I think PHP is the answer for what Im looking for but not 100% sure, anyhow, here goes

    there are two parts to this


    I have a webpage where customers fill out a form, and wait a little until those entries in the form get plugged into their respective holes in a preselected template

    Right now,
    the form gets emailed to me
    I put the fields into excel
    the template is in HTML code inside a word file
    word file mail merge with the fields in the excel file
    upload the excel file to my server
    operation complete

    side note: the form also has a portion where they can upload images, I organize those as well and put the /img/*.jpg links inside the excel file so they show up in the template

    how should I change this operation around? should I incorporate a programmer to make something with PHP and SQL? what do you think?

    part #2

    I have the domain and webpage ready to go
    I want that file they create to be a subsection of my page, ie if my page is (website (dot) com) when they make a site, it should be (whattheywant (dot) myURL (dot) com)

    and ultimately, they purchase their own URL (through me) and I just mask the forwarder so it doesnt show my page and subURL also

    let me know what you think needs to be done to make all of this simple and more automatic, and if you think its time to outsource, tell me what cost range I should expect



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    My opinion is that you are going to need a developer to do this for you and the developer will need a lot more information before you will get a good bid.

    As for cost I really couldn't say from the info provided and also you will have bids all over the place depending on where the bidders are from.

    Be careful who you select to do the job.



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