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Thread: URL re-write, Shared SSL & SEO

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    URL re-write, Shared SSL & SEO

    Hi All,
    I inherited a site a while ago which has the following architecture..

    www.thesite.co.uk <- the main homepage & info stuff
    www.sharedsslurl.com/domain/catalog/ <- Online catalog

    I took over after this was setup & took over population of the online catalog.

    Now I am redesigning the homepage to be tableless CSS, xhtml. I use PHP to generate the site & mod-rewrite to provide friendly URLs

    I have just created a rewrite rule so that links to the catalog from the main page use friendly URLs so the link
    goes to http://www.sharedsslurl.com/domain/c...ilization.html

    Obviously the browser shows the sharedssl url when it lands on the page.

    Now for some Questions...

    1) How do search engines index the rewritten URLs? - ie would they be listed in google as www.thesite.co.uk/medical/sterilization.html or http://www.sharedsslurl.com/domain/c...ilization.html

    2) can I use a rewrite rule on the sharedssl domain (assuming it is correctly set up) so that http://www.sharedsslurl.com/domain/c...ilization.html is displayed as www.thesite.co.uk/medical/sterilization.html?

    I suspect it is not possible to do No 2. but would welcome any thoughts...

    I think ideally for SEO the bulk of the catalog should be on the main site url & only the checkout pages on the SSL domain - and will probably aim to move to that at some point in the future.

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