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Thread: How set the value of an HTML (not form) element using Javascript?

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    How set the value of an HTML (not form) element using Javascript?


    How do I set the value (i.e. the contents) of an HTML element (such as p or div) using Javascript? I can't do this using server side (ASP, PHP etc.) because the value is calculated and possibly changed multiple times by user action in the browser. I don't want to use form fields since they look as if the user can enter data into them, even if I set them to read only. There must be a way of doing this using the DOM, but I can't find it...

    Thanks - Rowan

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    element.innerHTML = HTMLtext;

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    use .innerHTML instead of .value ...

    or, style the inputs in CSS so they don't look like input (no border, transparent bg, etc).
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