I have two pages - a main page and a post page. On the main page, the user selects something from a combo box, then submits the page. I need the user to be able to click the Back button, and then have the page reload - to have the value they selected appear in the combo box list. I can't figure out how to get the value in the combo box, however. I've tried something like "If RS("SiteID") = Session("cboLocation")" in the combo box code, but it's not working. Below is my code. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

'This is the session variable on the post page.
Session("cboLocation") = Request.Form("cboLocation")

<!--cboLocation combo box-->
<select name="cboLocation" id="cboLocation">
					Set RS = CN.Execute ("spSitesSelect")		
					If Not RS.EOF Then
						Do While Not RS.EOF
							<option value='<%=RS("SiteID")%>'><%= RS("SiteName")%></option>
							'Get next record
					End If