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Thread: Mailing List form

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    Mailing List form

    Hey people,

    Just a quick question. I'm putting up a very simple landing page for an upcoming website which just says under construction.

    I want to add a small form containing a text box and button in Dreamweaver that a user can enter their email into and click submit and their email address will be sent to my email address. Or maybe even have it write into an access database or an Excel spreadsheet.

    Just need to click the submit and whatever is in txtEmail is saved somewhere, doesnt matter how

    Do I just do mailto?
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    If you do not have a serverside language, your only option is mailto than.

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    Ah ok!,

    Well I know PHP I've done that at uni so any pointers? would I have to use a database or can I write to say a text file?

    Thanks for you reply btw!


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