Hello guys, I've been assigned to implement a web client for a certain DB application working on top of Oracle. Unfortunately I'm not very experienced on web development.

My application has a terminal/console (kind of the Linux one), in which every operation can be performed used a certain syntax. But the application also has the option of defining the things using web forms, then it will be traduced to the underlying application syntax and, finally, executed.

When the operation is executed in the DB, the DB system will insert some data in certain tables. I need to get that data in the web but without refreshing the web page (I don't want to lose the forms the user filled in). So I send an Ajax request that calls a PHP script which will perform the operation. ONce I get response from the Ajax request (so far I just send back a number indicating if everything went right or not in the DB), I have to show the data inserted by the PHP script in some tables. And here I have the problem. How can I do this? Because I get the response in the Ajax method, but I should use PHP again to perform a SELECT and show the results... but how? Do I have to do this by using Javascript and creating every single node in the DOM? IS there any other way?

Any idea or hint on how to do this sort of things would be really appreciated!