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Thread: XML syntax, editing

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    XML syntax, editing


    ok, I'm a new XML user. Just started last week, and been doing my best to learn as fast as I can.

    Need some help here with editing/syntax.

    (a) How can I make a text in quotes bold?

    Example :

    Display Class = 'Text'
    blah, blah, etc........value = 'Michael Jackson'

    Ok, so what if I want to display Michael Jackson in BOLD? How do I do it?

    I already tried : value = '<b>Michael Jackson</b>'

    But, of course, that was nonsense. It didnt work.

    Any tips?

    Please, note : before you respond, I should point out that I already know how to create bold text in XML, using the <b> and </b>. What I need to know is how to bolden text which is enclosed in quotation marks.

    (b) I a, also working with creating "Lists" in XML.

    Example :

    Property name........blah, blah

    Display Class = 'Select' blah blah blah

    Property = allowedValues, blah, blah




    blah, blah, blah

    Ok, this works fine......if you have only one dropdown list-menu.

    But, what if you want to display two, or three, or even four such dropdown lists? In addition, on the same line? How is this done?

    For example :

    if I want to indicate DATE (day, month, year). I want to have three dropdown lists, all on the same line, with the values for DAY (No. 1 to 30), MONTH (Jan to Dec), and YEAR (say, 2009 to 2020)

    How can I do this?

    (c) Is there a way to indicate DATE data-field in XML? The only suitable data field (parameter) I found is TEXT. But, what if you want to input the date?


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    a: xml has no "look", you need HTML for that.
    b. you need a way to ID the List besides just the tag name; an attrib would be good.
    c. it depends on the schema you use. there are standard formats like dublin core, xquery, and xforms, but i have a feeling you need to do some catching up before you delve in.

    good luck.
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    a: you should use XSLT to display your required content bold-face.

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