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    Talking Webpage Templates

    OK guys, how do I make a template? What I mean is.... I want to have every page on my website basically look the same except for the main portion that will be the only part that changes when links are clicked. Basically I want it set up like frames but without using frames. Is this done with AJAX and javascript and php? Or is there another method? Possibly Including the files?

    I want to be able to update all the pages when I need to add a link or change something but I don't want to have to go through every page and change it. I just want to be able to change the template. Is this possible?

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    there are tons of different things out there.

    you describe the functionality of a cms.

    dreamweaver templates, SSI, and php/asp includes are some of the more popular and simple solutions.

    drupal, dokuwiki, and xslt provide more complicated free solutions.

    you probably don't want to rely on JavaScript to use your page, even if it's cheap and easy to implement, it leaves some people/bots in the dark.

    that means you can build your pages ahead of time, on-demand, or in a hybrid fashion.
    look at the 'web content management systems' page on Wikipedia, i'm sure you'll find something you can use.
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