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Thread: Auto Link Clicker

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    Auto Link Clicker

    Hey, i need help to make a script or something that i could use to get auto clicks on this link

    im doing it for this promotion site and everyone else is using scripts or something. but i need it auto click the site by itself so i dont have to because i did it my self but i had to click it and then exit out and it gets old and im still not on the TOP.
    THe reason i need an auto clicker for that site, its my own personal id link site and when someone clicks on my link i get a point for each click. I need like 5000 clicks and im not doing that by myself. So if someone could please help me, i would really appreciate it. the link above is the one i need auto clicked.
    - Sarah

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    does anyone know how or what im talking about?

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    We know what you're trying to do but,
    we think its a silly game. Also, we don't like
    writing code to wrest document.location from the visitor.
    It's just rude, a reason for everyone to get firefox NoScript add-on

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