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Thread: Dreamweaver to MySQL using PERL script

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    Dreamweaver to MySQL using PERL script

    Hi, I am a newbie in Dreamweaver and MySQL stuff, perl etc.

    I use Dreamweaver CS3. I have recently created a web form, the typical "contat us" form and I was able to set it up through a CGI script, with hidden buttons that runs the script which was provided by the server. This script sends the contact information to to a specific email in the body of the email. Currently that works, but...

    Instead of doing that, I want that information to be transmitted to a MySQL database and table that I also have created using PHPmyAdmin.

    1st QUESTION: How do I transfer the data to the MySQL table using CGI Perl?

    2nd QUESTION: the other problem I have is that I am not even sure if the script below is Perl code, and if Dreamweaver supports Perl.

    3rd QUESTION: if it is supported by Dreamweaver, would I just copy/paste the script into the code mode?

    I can understand what I am supposed to do by cutting/pasting and replacing, but I am not even sure if its something I should be trying and if its compatible, so I dont want to waste time. PLEASE HELP!!!


    "The script below uses CGI to grab input from a fill-in form; connect to a MySQL Database; and write the fill-in form input to an existing MySQL table. The values that must be changed to reflect your database are marked in red."


    use DBI;

    use CGI ':standard';

    ## grab input from fill-in form:

    my ($id,$username,$email,$address);

    ## store the input from fill-in form into varibles:

    $id = param('id');

    $username = param('username');

    $email = param('email');

    $address = param('address');

    ## connect to mySQL database:

    $DSN = "DBI:mysql:database_name:localhost";

    my $dbh = DBI->connect($DSN, "database_name", "password") || die "Can't Connect";

    ## insert fill-in form input into database:

    my $sel = $dbh->prepare("INSERT INTO table_name VALUES(NULL,?,?,?)");

    $sel->bind_param(1, $username);

    $sel->bind_param(2, $email);

    $sel->bind_param(3, $address);

    $sel->execute() && $sel->finish();


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    Hello cuau.

    Firstly, yes, the code you pasted is positively Perl. :-)

    Dreamweaver, as I roughly know, is a tool mainly for webdesign. You need not Dreamweaver to support Perl in any way. The server where your web is hosted must be configured to allow Perl scripting -- it would seem that your host supports CGI. In such a case, there usually is a specific directory where the Perl scripts should go. In the normal case, the directory is /cgi-bin.

    If this is your case, then upload the Perl script there -- and set its "execute" permission, this is important. You would then set your form's "action" attribute to the URL of the script, e.g. http://example.com/cgi-bin/form.pl

    Of course you must first change the script as appropriate to connect to your database, i.e. set up the database name, username and password.

    Hope this helps

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