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Thread: Which PHP Framework?

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    Which PHP Framework?

    I have few travel sites...and now I want to step into "desktop programing" with several programs for travel agencies (submission of guests, currency converter and cettera)
    My plan is to use php as pr. language (everything will be run on local server).

    My knowledge of php (the code) is poor...enough to edit some scritps that they suit my needs...

    I need a PHP Framework that will have complete solutions (the code) for my needs, and which I will be able to make my desired "programs".

    The majority of my needs are:
    1. forms and data what are entered to be stored in mysql database.
    2. when in some form field first 2-3 words match existing entries to be automaticly selected (like dropdown box - see Google search)
    3. sending mails (collecting data from mysql) form mysql
    and cettera and cettera...
    90% is about forms...

    please advise some PHP Frameworks....that will suit my needs

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    I'm not sure that what is normally referred to as a "framework" will be what you need. A typical PHP framework takes care of much of the "low level" programming involved in a typical web site, but still requires that the developer writes a lot code in order to implement the desired business logic. If you PHP skills are minimal (and you do not intend to increase them soon), then you might be better served by some sort of content management system (CMS). You can find a wide selection of open source possibilities at http://php.opensourcecms.com.
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