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Thread: links not working in firefox

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    links not working in firefox

    I have created a new site http://www.vlab.co.uk/beehive/index.html
    The alignment etc is not complete in IE but all links work correctly
    Whereas the alignment seems fine in FF but few of the links work.

    Trying to use images for the centrenav

    Have a deadline of tomorrow eve and going round in circles trying to work out.

    Any help would be great!


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    Can you be specific about which links don't work?

    On the right-hand side, the list of links works fine, though the top two items have the same URL.

    I also can't select any text in the body of the webpage, which I *think* has something to do with your absolute positioning.

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    I think I've managed to solve it - lifted the image links in the centre (and any other links not working) using position: relative; z-index:1

    Thank you

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