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Thread: Simple question from a beginner

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    Simple question from a beginner

    I am very new to javascript and just have a simple questions that can probably be answered in a matter of seconds.

    I am using a clickable calendar and want the user to be redirected according to the date that they pick (which will correspond with the name of a folder on my server)

    so what I have established that I need window.location

    However, I want to add a variable to the end. So if the variable "date" equals "20091001" (Oct 1), i would want the user to be sent to http://www.mysite.com/20091001.

    this is what i have tried:

    window.location = "http://www.mysite.com/" + 'date'

    I really dont know what I'm doing though.

    Thanks for any help.

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    Leave off the single tick marks around the variable.

    It should be:
    window.location = "http://www.mysite.com/" + date

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