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Thread: Naming folders/files in non-Latin-alphabets.

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    Naming folders/files in non-Latin-alphabets.

    Hello everyone!

    As you may know that SEO rank's one criteria is the key word(s) appear in a file/folder's name where a page that contains them is there.

    So, my site's content is in Arabic language, and I wrote the pages' URLs as follows:
    [urll]http://www.arqam-arabi.com/ARABICNAMED_folder/ARABICNAMED.htm[/urll], where: ARABICNAMED, is the name in Arabic alphabet of a file/folder, being trailed by "_folder" (for a folder), and ".htm" (for a file).

    The "charset=windows-1256" is the attribute used in my site's pages, and I use FileZilla for uploading the files, being set to: "AutoDetect" for Encoding. But browsers like IE and FF (even Arabized) seem not being able to follow the links' URLs as I showed above, and the non-Latin part of the names is (unreadable) on the site, while they are through FTP client.

    This problem could meet any other websites of non-Latin-content, especially of right-to-let languages.
    Could someone please show me what to do to overstep such a problem?

    Thanks in anticipation.
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