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Thread: Run two functions on page startup

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    Run two functions on page startup


    I am working on a portfolio site, and need two functions to run on startup. But for some reason the result of only one function is displayed.

    I have nested the two functions into a new function to try and alleviate the problem with no success.

    When my page is first loaded a start function is called which looks like this:

    function start () {
    putInfo(0, 0);

    I have verified that the functions putInfo();, and populateH();, do not have any fatal errors, and they are also used elsewhere on my page.

    Using the alert(); function, I know that the browser is entering both functions, but only the result of the last stated function is displayed.

    i.e. written AS IS the function populateH(); would be displayed, but if it were written:

    function start () {
    putInfo(0, 0);

    the putInfo(); function would be displayed.

    How can I get both the functions to be ran on startup?

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    From the code you have posted all I can tell you is it should work fine. Best guess I can possibly make without seeing the actual code is perhaps you have some issues with both functions acting on the same content elements or something like that. If you want more definitive answer's you are going to need to post the code.

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