Hey all,

I have this query which at my knowledge should run pretty smoothly:

SELECT E.PhoneNumber
FROM itrdemployees E 
INNER JOIN itrdtrpt T 
ON E.EmpNumber = T.EmpNumber
INNER JOIN itrdinquirysections S
ON T.TransferPoint = S.EngTransPoint 
WHERE S.Section = 2.1 AND T.ActiveContact = 1
S.Section is a float type column and when I run the query it doesn't show me any results when I know that 2.1 should return a phone number. In fact it doesn't run with any float values. S.Section contains both integers and float type values (1 ; 1.1 ; 1.2; 2; 2.1; 2.2 etc...) Basically it stores sections along with sub section. Thing is, it runs smoothly when I put in 2 instead of 2.1 or any integer values for that matter.

doesn't work:
WHERE S.Section = 2.1 AND T.ActiveContact = 1
WHERE S.Section = 2 AND T.ActiveContact = 1
Is there some sort of cast I must do around the value before running the query? Say: ...WHERE (float)2.1 AND...

ps: I know that it should return data with the float values, I have checked with the current data in the database.

Any pointers would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.