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Thread: getElementsByClassName workaround?

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    getElementsByClassName workaround?

    I used getElementsByClassName function and it works greate on new version of Firefox. However, it doesn't do work on IE and old version of Firefox (2.0)
    Is there another approach to this?
    function removeRow(element)
    var className = element.className;
    var parentNode = element.parentNode;
    var deletedElement;
    var deleteElements = document.getElementsByClassName(className);
    for(var i=deleteElements.length - 1; i >= 0; i--)
    deletedElement = deleteElements[i];

    if(deletedElement.tagName === 'BR')
    break; // exit the loop after we delete the BR because if we keep going we'll delete other rows.

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    PHP Code:
    <div class="test">Div 1</div>
    div class="test">Div 2</div>

    script language="javascript">
    document.getElementsByClassName = function(cls) {
    found = [];
    rx = new RegExp('(^| )' cls '( |$)');
    els this.getElementsByTagName('*');
        for (var 
    i=0i<els.lengthi++) {
    elClass els[i].className;
            if (
    rx.test(elClass)) {

    divs document.getElementsByClassName('test');

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    You can also return an array of the elements that include any number of space separated class names.

    function getHTMLClasses(css, root){
    	root= root || document;
    	css= css.split(/ +/);
    	var who, tem, A= [], L2= css.length,
    	collection= root.getElementsByTagName('*'),
    	L= collection.length;
    		who= collection[--L];
    		for(var i= 0, z= css.length; i<z; i++){
    			if(who.className.indexOf(css[i])== -1){
    				who= null;
    				i= z;
    		if(who) A[A.length]= who;
    	return A;
    // eg: getHTMLClasses('hotCss offCss', document.body)
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    Here is another method

    if( !typeof document.getElementsByClassName == 'function'){
        Object.prototype.getElementsByClassName = function(cn) {
            if (!this) return null;
            for (var r=[], e=this.getElementsByTagName('*'), i=e.length; i--;)
            if ( e[i].className.indexOf(cn)>-1) r.push(e[i]); 
            return r;  
    Whatever you do, don't post something like this on Stack Overflow, you get berated for posting something that returns an array.

    WTF are you supposed to return then... Cream Cakes?

    A Node list, if I am not mistaken is a collection of objects and an object is nothing more than an array or typeof array, ergo, no matter which method you try, its going to be an array.
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