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Thread: n00b question - html tables in MySpace

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    hi im also just starting out with learning html code

    I have a problem with html tables. Im working on a myspace layout for my band. the table layout looks great in IE but not in Firefox. I can give you a link to the page


    and even the coding if you need to see it

    The problem is that i have two tables under two different <div> classes. both div calsses are set the same, that are set to an absolute position, a left margin of -400px (each table is 800px in width) and a left positioning of 50%. the only difference is the second one has a margin at the top of 942px. In IE, this works fine, but in firefox, the table is halfway off the page on the left hand side unless i change the margin to 105%.

    please help me

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    Have you fixed it? It looks fine to me in Firefox.

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    Yea, ive fixed it
    thanks anyway.

    i fixed it earlier today

    do you like the layout? im trying to get some feedback on it

    our current layout is http://www.myspace.com/infernusuk

    you reckon you could compare them?

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