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Thread: HTML 5: Local Database

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    HTML 5: Local Database

    I have been reading up about HTML5's local database feature and had a few doubts that Google couldn't answer. So I thought I would post them here:

    1. I have a MySQL DB on my server. Suppose I want to use the local DB feature, is there some automatic way that the local DB data will be sent back to the server?

    2. (just to clarify) browsers that support local DBs use SQLite db no?

    3. Is the data stored locally encrypted?
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    Good questions. I have been ignoring HTML5 on the basis that it is still in draft - and has been for yonks. OTOH, browsers are beginning to support elements of it - and so I had better start getting to grips with it.

    As I understand it, localStoarage will allow database information sot be stored locally, encrypted in a cookie. I believe SQL will be used - I am not clear that it will be SQLite. As cookies can be deleted, I am not sure when it would be a good idea to use localStorage. I hope someone more knowledgeable than I comes along and corrects/enlightens.

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