Hello, this is the first time i've attempted to use this kind of scripting in a form.
basically, my form contains basic information.

i have 2 radios to suggest the best way to contact someone, radios are phone and email.

When the phone radio is selected i want a <div to appear which contains "best time to contact"

This is my current scripting, please could i have a detailed response as i am having no luck with the current soultions i have found

<span>Best way to reply:</span>

<input type="radio" name="reply" value="Email" id="reply_0" /> E-mail <BR />

<div style="margin-left:270px;"><input type="radio" name="reply" value="Phone" id="reply_1" onclick=""/>Phone</div> <br/>

<div id="timehide"><span>Best time to get hold of you:</span>
<option value="Any">Any</option>
<option value="06:00 - 10:00">06:00 - 10:00</option>
<option value="10:00 - 12:00">10:00 - 12:00</option>
<option value="12:00 - 14:00">12:00 - 14:00</option>
<option value="14:00 - 16:00">14:00 - 16:00</option>
<option value="16:00 - 18:00">16:00 - 18:00</option>
<option value="18:00 - 20:00">18:00 - 20:00</option>


Please if any one can solve my issue i will be greatly thankful!!

Cheers, ben!