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Thread: XML/Flash Help -- need a quick preload command.

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    XML/Flash Help -- need a quick preload command.

    Need some XML / Flash help...

    I've got an MP3 player using XML. The AS in controlled in the Flash buttons.

    As of now, when you click the previous or forward buttons, it correctly goes to the requested song, but it takes a foolish amount of time to load. (There is dynamic text to show the progress)

    I've seen and used other players with longer songs that load instantly (or the songs were preloaded)

    I'm looking to insert a command into the XML that preloads all of the songs, leaving zero amount of load time. If I need to do this in the actual Flash document, that's cool too.

    Can anyone lend their talents and assist me? Thanks!

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    Well my advice is to not preload all the mp3s… because if you think completely downloading 1 mp3 takes a long time, try preloading 10 or 15! Then what if the viewer selects mp3 number 8 instead of 1.. but, 1 thru 7 must download first. Besides that, each viewer may be downloading 50, 100, or more MB if your mp3 library is very large. Instead, fix the problem of why “it takes a foolish amount of time to load.” The mp3.
    If you are using “dynamic text to show the progress”, does that mean you are downloading the entire mp3 file before it starts to play? If so, that probably means that you are using sound being loaded as an “event” Flash sound rather than “streaming. Event sounds need to completely downloaded before they start to play, streaming sound start to play as soon as enough data has downloaded, sort of like how progressive downloading of video starts the video after a certain amount of data has downloaded into the buffer, then downloads the rest as the video is playing.
    Check which type of Flash sound you are using down in the properties panel of Flash, in the Sync dialog box. Google for more info on the differences if needed.
    So the effect is that you should not have to preload everything, streaming sounds are not instantaneous but start very shortly after selected.
    Best wishes to ya on this project!
    Eye for Video

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