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Thread: iframe not working in firefox

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    iframe not working in firefox

    Can anyone help here.

    I have an iframe at http://nowcomms.com/newsbank/corpsanta.htm

    The frame content displays ok in ie and chrome but not firefox.

    Anyone got any ideas why?

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    In FF, one of the other scripts on the page is doing this to your iframe source page URL:

    HTML Code:
    In FF, right click on the iframe and you will see a dropdown that says, just view this frame.

    BTW - Why are you using an iframe on that piece of the page? The search engines will not index it properly.
    If the content needs to change frequently or is reused, wouldn't PHP_INCLUDE be better?
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    Thanks Donatello

    Thanks Donatello,

    I'm I have taken away the add to any script and intend to use some of the stuff at http://www.problogdesign.com/wordpre...f-the-biggest/ for social networking links (which I think is better).

    I'm sure that your suggestion to use PHP include is far better than frame but I just don't have the know how at the moment. I'll post it on the stuff to learn list (which is quite long).

    Weirdly though, while I'm sure that you've pointed out the problem, today the page seems to work OK anyway. This is in line with what was happening before. Sometimes the iframe appeared in firebox other times not. I don't really get it, but I'm putting your advice into action just to be safe.

    Many thanks

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