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Thread: forum template like this one...

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    Lightbulb forum template like this one...

    Hello, where do i find a template like this one everybody is using for my own website, i'm using frontpage 2000 and i'm a beginner (2~ months). i've seen a few other sites with the same set up. will it be too complicated for me? i have a buddy that know's a little about script and html so maybe he can help if you guys can point me in the direction or just tell me how.

    thanks in advance...www.zacherfamily.com

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    wow. dont use frontpage.

    use notepad to make your website. (or htmlkit @ http://www.chami.com/html-kit )

    learn how to make the site using www.w3schools.com and www.alistapart.com that is your first step.

    then ask questoins on here. TIPS: use CSS, DIV's, and SPANs. if you dont know what those are, check out www.w3schools.com and if you dont find your answers there then ask here.

    Also: about forums, if your host supports PHP, then checkout www.phpbb.com for some free forums that are easy to install and configure.

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    Yeah, I agree, start with the basics, and use notepad, or wordpad (if your on a PC, if on a mac use simpletext)...then if you get more audacious, I would go to something like macromedia studio mx...but frontpage...well, if you don't want to learn anything, I would say use frontpage...it's more made for the person that wants to make a site with absolutely no experience...

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