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Thread: java on the server side 101

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    java on the server side 101

    I'm kind of a newb. Is there anywhere online that could help get me a sense of how to use java to manage my server. What are the possibilities and what are the limitations. I'm a computer science major, and know java reasonably well, but I want to know more about he packages and classes that relate to server management (i.e. what they are and how to use them). I've tried looking on sun.com but need something that's a little more basic than that.
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    unless your server is written in java and you have its src, how are you going to manage any of servers functionality?

    I think you need elaborate more on your question. What exactly you want to mange in your server, what type of server, etc etc


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    i want the server to act as a proxy. i want to access a website using a cookie for my machine and then display that to users. I've been told that the best way to do this is with servlets, so what i really want is a 101 crash course in building servlets.

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