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Thread: [RESOLVED] Best RegExp for matching explicitly to numbers 1-99

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    resolved [RESOLVED] Best RegExp for matching explicitly to numbers 1-99

    I'm writing a regular expression to check that the value inside a string is any integer from 1-99, but it can't be negative, or zero, or contain any other characters.

    The pattern I came up with seems a little long, and I was wondering if this was the best one to use, or if I was over thinking it?:

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    You could use /^[1-9]\d?$/ or /^[1-9][0-9]?$/ which are the same thing.

    BTW, I originally thought you wanted to include 0, in which case you do basically the same thing. /^[1-9]?\d$/. Just though I'd mention that since I had it written anyway.

    Depending on what you are doing with this string, you could be better off to just convert it to a number, and check that way. I would definitely recommend that if you ever do any sort of calculations with it, if not, I don't think it makes a huge difference.
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    The problem with converting to a number first is that I'm also checking for "0", "00", "000", and "0000" (wire sizes). Since I'm already running a test there, I'm putting this test in an else if statement. I guess if I'm finished testing for aught sizes, I can then convert to integer. This might be better so that I can still validate "01" without validating "00". But your first regexp matches perfectly, other than that.

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