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Thread: Sending Snail Mail Via the Web

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    Sending Snail Mail Via the Web

    Hey, does anybody know of a service that offers an API for sending snail mail? I need something that will allow customers of my service to send snail mail to their clients. I need something that is completely seamless and my customer's customers will never know its not coming from their company, so no watermarking or ads or anything.

    So what do you guys suggest?

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    PostalMethods Web-to-Postal is what you are looking for.

    Check out our Postal API section containing all the data you need to quickly send letters and postcards directly from any application. The Reference Manual of our SOAP Web Service API and many Code Samples will help send your snail mail quickly.

    We also offer a free development account and free, quick and unlimited support. Pricing model is pay-as-you-go. Purchase a prepaid card from $10 to $10,000 and enjoy volume discounts.

    The letter recipient would never know you didn't mail the letter yourself because there is no indication of PostalMethods anywhere. We use a #10 double window envelope and the postage is a business indicia.

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