Before I firebomb apple, I figure I'd come here for help.

I am writing a similar file browser ala OSX's finder, and having an issue getting it to work properly in Safari.

I am dynamically creating a 'div' using createElement() and adding an iframe within that div by adding to the innerHTML of the newly created div. Within the iframe I have a listing of files that when clicked on move the parent container div to the left a certain amount of pixels.

This works fine in IE6 and NS7, but for some reason in Safari when I click the link it won't start the moving of the div unless i click again or mouse out of the iframe. I've tested it by removing the iframe and putting the code just within the dynamically created div and that works fine.. so it seems to me that it's an issue with the iframe.

go to and click on 'Client 1 > New Website > Home Page Design' try it in NS/Moz/IE and it works fine, try it in Safari and you will notice that it does nothing unless you mouse out of the iframe or click again.

If anyone has any experience with this, I would GREATLY appreciate the help.