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Thread: [RESOLVED] Persisting data accross pages.

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    resolved [RESOLVED] Persisting data accross pages.

    I am using Jqueryui framedialog widget to call another aspx page within the jquery dialog.
    Generally it works fine.
    Now I have a requirement to pass some huge data to the child page from the parent page and access the data in the client side of the child page. I do not want to use query string.
    Is there any way to achieve this?

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    fire up google:
    cookies, globalStorage, localStorage, postMessage, and my favorite: "window.name transport".
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    pass window object to jquery framedialog

    I was using
    var arg = { self:window, method:self.UpdateProgressBar };
    window.showModalDialog(exportUrl, arg, EXPORT_INTERMEDIATE_PAGE_STYLE);

    Now i am using jquery framedialog pluggin to show the exporturl.
    I want to pass the arg parameter t the child page.
    UpdateProgressBar - is a method in the parent page.
    Please help !!!

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