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    Signature Generator

    Hi there.
    Would anyone have any idea how I could produce some sort of
    signature when a user enters a first and last name in 2 input fields?
    I'm not looking to find out exactly how to do this in coding terms, just guidance on how to approach it.

    Suppose Joe Bloggs puts his first and last name into 2 input fields, I would then like to see an image with an auto generated signature of his name.

    Would some sort of WYSIWYG editor help me out?

    Or even better, perhaps some free tool I can embed in my webpage that allows users to write things, like a whiteboard.

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    You would want an HTML form containing the 2 text fields. When a user clicks on a View button, a Javascript call is made, which then sets the src attribute of an <img> element to a php file such as sign.php?first=firstnamegoeshere&last=lastnamegoeshere

    The PHP page could then take the user input (via the GET request) and output the signature using a cursive font on the server to produce a text string overlayed on a transparent background-ed dynamically created GIF file, which would be sent back to the client upon request. Just make sure to validate that both first and last names are there.

    Nice idea man.
    Computer programmer / web developer.

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    Excellent. That will get the ball rolling!
    Thanks indeed

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